Munchies Are Probably The Worst Distraction Ever

Ah, in-car cell phone bans. Austin is contemplating one at the behest of some nanny state do-gooder group. Naturally, a local news station decided to feature a different distraction in its montage of people fiddling with their iThings while stuck in butt-numbing rush hour traffic. » 7/29/14 10:36pm 7/29/14 10:36pm

Dumping On Another Enthusiast's Motorsport Is Bad Karma

"You comin' this weekend?" asked another member of the Spokes autocross group at our Friday group lunch. "You haven't been to an actual autocross in a while. You've been busy with road racing or LeMons or something." Oh my gosh, I thought—I hope he doesn't think I've turned into one of those guys. » 7/05/14 12:00pm 7/05/14 12:00pm

X Games Austin Preview: Put A Bird On It

If Portland's going to totally rip off "Keep Austin Weird," I'm going to put a bird on things. Rally Chicken, to be exact. And by "things," I mean the entire Global Rallycross paddock at the X Games. Rally Chicken's a dirty, dirty bird. » 6/07/14 11:15am 6/07/14 11:15am